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The Homeownership Rate & Millennials: What Does It Mean For Investors?

By PointAcquisitions / May 16, 2018 /

Homeownership remains a pillar of American culture and, rightly or wrongly, a symbol of success. As such, there are some tidbits that real estate investors can glean from today’s residential real estate environment. This short article explores some nationwide trends and points of note regarding homeownership, with an emphasis on the Philadelphia, PA market. As…

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What Is The Philadelphia Real Estate Market Doing in 2018?

By PointAcquisitions / March 8, 2018 /

The Philadelphia housing market continues to be tight heading into the spring, which is normally the busiest selling and buying season all year. Even in January, buyers were already looking for their perfect home. There is still a wide range of homes and pricing available, allowing buyers to find the perfect property to meet their…

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5 Must Read Tips On Real Estate Investing From the Experts

By PointAcquisitions / December 13, 2017 /

Real estate investing can be a lucrative process, or it can leave you high and dry. Your success depends on how well you know the market and how well you know the tricks of the trade. Below are just a few suggestions from the experts to help you consider if these kinds of investing is…

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Philadelphia Real Estate to Finish Strong in 2017

By PointAcquisitions / November 29, 2017 /

As the weather turns cooler and people start getting ready for the holidays, the real estate market in the City of Brotherly Love is expected to stay its current course, which means that it will likely finish off the year in a positive note. Philadelphia has been a surprising real estate market in 2017. Right…

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IMN Multi Family Forum Conference Recap:

By PointAcquisitions / November 14, 2017 /

Point Acquisitions’ Portfolio Manager, Jesse Shemesh, recently attended the 2nd Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (East) in Orlando and moderated the panel on New Apartment Construction and Marketing Units. It was an informative two-day conference with some of the largest operators and debt originators in attendance such as Berkadia, Hunt Mortgage Group, Greystone, and RealtyShares.  …

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My Thoughts on The IMN Real Estate Conference in Las Vegas

By PointAcquisitions / October 3, 2017 /

I recently attended and spoke at the IMN Real Estate Private Equity Land and Homebuilding Conference in Las Vegas this past week and wanted to relay some of my thoughts and takeaways from the conference. After a long and grueling two-day conference (especially if you have ADD) I managed to pay attention to most of…

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Gentrification in Philadelphia and How to Identify Up and Coming Neighborhoods

By PointAcquisitions / September 1, 2017 /

Gentrification takes place when rundown urban areas attract residents of higher income. It’s a controversial phenomenon. Conversations about it can lead in both highly negative and positive directions. As long as major cities remain the most convenient and culturally interesting places to live, however, urban areas within reasonable commutes of work and pleasure will be…

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The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Section 8 Housing

By PointAcquisitions / August 23, 2017 /

Section 8 Housing is the common term for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, one of the three primary rental assistance programs facilitated by the United States government. While not every American individual or family unit experiencing financial difficulty or who is stricken by poverty is eligible, over 2,000,000 United States citizens qualify for the Section…

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Using Leverage to Finance Your Property and Risk Tolerance

By PointAcquisitions / August 16, 2017 /

One of the key advantages associated with real estate investments is the ability to leverage at least part of your up-front investment amount with a loan. For example, when you buy $50,000 worth of stocks, you will enjoy a return based on that $50,000 investment. On the other hand, if you use your $50,000 as…

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What’s Happening in Philadelphia Real Estate

By PointAcquisitions / July 27, 2017 /

Recently, experts have observed what appears to be a continuous rebounding trend in the state of suburban Philadelphia real estate. For some time, one of the biggest points of discussion regarding Philadelphia real estate has been exactly what is to blame behind the relative stagnation concerning the rates of sales in the region. Based on…

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