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Gentrification in Philadelphia and How to Identify Up and Coming Neighborhoods

May 18, 2022
a house with trees and a mailbox in front of it

Gentrification takes place when rundown urban areas attract residents of higher income. It’s a controversial phenomenon. Conversations about it can lead in both highly negative and positive directions. As long as major cities remain the most convenient and culturally interesting places to live, however, urban areas within reasonable commutes of work and pleasure will be the most ideal living spaces. That’s why buying property in a distressed area of Philadelphia that has the potential to become trendy can be a promising investment. There are copious numbers of up and coming Philadelphia neighborhoods to consider. How to pick the right area…

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The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Section 8 Housing

May 18, 2022
a tall brick housing building with a tree in front

Section 8 Housing is the common term for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, one of the three primary rental assistance programs facilitated by the United States government. While not every American individual or family unit experiencing financial difficulty or who is stricken by poverty is eligible, over 2,000,000 United States citizens qualify for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Let’s peer into the costs and benefits of Section 8 Housing from a landlord’s or real estate investor’s viewpoint. Benefits of Section 8 Housing Unlike “regular” tenants, rent is guaranteed throughout lease term. Typically, landlords must deal with collecting potentially…

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Build to Suit: What It Is and Why You Might Need It

February 24, 2022
a manager and operator in hardhats looking at a blueprint of a commercial real estate building

If you’re a business owner, you know that finding a suitable space for your company is essential. What if you don’t find anything that meets your needs? That’s where build-to-suit commercial property comes in. This type of construction allows businesses to build their own commercial space explicitly tailored to their commercial real estate needs. Read on to learn more about the build-to-suit meaning and why you might need it! What is a Build to Suit lease? Build to Suit meaning, often abbreviated as BTS, refers to a type of real estate development where a property is custom-built to meet the…

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Philadelphia Real Estate Market in 2019: Callowhill, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, East Kensington, Olde Richmond, and Manayunk

April 17, 2019
a city skyline and commercial real estate buildings with a river and a bridge

The Philadelphia real estate market is booming. 2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for investors willing to take risks and perform due diligence concerning trends and raw data in the area. And all signs point towards a bevy of fruitful opportunities, even in places you may not expect. It’s a dense and highly technical market, though. Without some guidance and industry knowledge, even a seasoned investor will struggle to find success. That’s what this guide is for–it will lead you towards a successful real estate venture by providing informed, actionable information. Without further delay, let’s get started.…

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