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Sell us your Multifamily Apartment Buildings in any condition, for a fair price on the date of your choice!

No Realtor Fees

No Repairs Needed

No Closing Costs

No Lengthy Sale Cycle

Are you scrambling to figure out how you can quickly sell an apartment building before you lose even more money? Point Acquisitions is ready to make selling your multi-family home easy and put money in your hands fast.

We conduct fair property evaluations and quickly wrap up real estate transactions without making property owners foot the bill for closing costs, commissions, or any other expenses.

Here's How it Works


Contact us about your property

Provide some brief information about your property's condition and a few other details.


Our team does a property analysis

We look at similar property sales in the area along with the details you provided that make your property unique.


We send over an honest offer

You review your offer and think about what the flexible closing date might be.


We do an on-site property inspection

This allows our team to confirm the property condition.

Some benefits to using Point Acquisitions:

  • We make immediate offers

  • We pay closing costs and inspection fees

  • We buy all asset types and property classes

  • We buy properties as is, no repairs necessary

  • We do not charge a commission

  • You can get cash within a few weeks

  • We offer a transparent valuation process

  • You choose the date you want to close

Point Acquisitions vs. Traditional Broker

It’s smart to review options to determine how best to reach your goals with a commercial real estate sale. While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local broker, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket (or less headache), and can take a considerable period of time to close. Here are some details to compare your options.

Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6% on average NONE - We pay all
Closing Costs: 2% on average NONE - We pay all
Contingencies: Most offers include at least three Only basic due diligence
Appraisal Needed: Sale is often subject to appraisal No appraisal necessary
Average Days Until Sold: 180-360 Days Offer within 2-3 days
Number of Showings: Numerous per interested buyer As few as one
Closing Date: 90-180 days after acceptance Date of your choosing
Repairs: Negotiated during inspection period NONE - We pay all
Exclusivity: Up to a year No obligation


We give property owners an obligation-free cash offer within 72 hours after the title and deed paperwork is checked and a property walk through is conducted. That said, sometimes we can also make an offer on the spot, right after we conduct a property assessment.

Choosing to sell your multifamily property online or through a broker means you’re required to take on the difficulties of closing a deal. Traditional selling methods include hurdles like:

  • directly competing for buyers with other real estate listings on the market
  • paying utility bills and property taxes while waiting weeks, months, or longer for a buyer
  • allocating funds for repairs and renovations, marketing, inspections, and more expenses that might not increase your odds of selling sooner
  • giving your hard-earned money to real estate agents who can’t make promises on when you will close
  • taking time out of your busy schedule for private tours or open houses although buyers might not even make an offer
  • sitting around waiting for a buyer to possibly get a commercial mortgage from a bank (or possibly not).

When you sell a multi family home or apartment building to us, you don’t have to worry about any of the above issues. Instead, we simply conduct a property assessment, make you a straightforward offer within three days, and buy your property “As Is.” With us, you save time, skip paying for any expenses, and walk away feeling satisfied.

Point Acquisitions guarantees you a cash offer, so you can count on selling your multifamily property quickly. Our process works fast because we don’t rely on traditional funding methods like loans from banks and other traditional lenders. We skip the inconveniences of multiple property inspections or appraisals.

Because our private money sources are ready to make funds available for our offer, we can quickly transfer you the full amount of money you’ve been guaranteed after we close our deal. Because we can make an offer on your property as it stands right now, you are also guaranteed to skip waiting for necessary repairs to be finished before you can sell. All in all, we make sure the amount we offer you is the end result of our speedy selling process.

Yes! We buy apartment complexes nationwide in any condition. Because we buy properties “As Is,” you can sell your apartment building fast without having to spend any time or money on fixing defects that would frighten off other buyers.

We’re income producing property buyers who can make an offer on abandoned multifamily properties as well as apartment complexes that just need a little TLC. No matter your property’s condition, our process is straightforward. We set up a time to assess your complex’s value, consider the cost of repairs, then make you an offer in only days.

With Point Acquisitions you can typically sell your multifamily home in less than 30 days. We know there are many reasons you could be selling your income producing property, and we recognize financial situations like foreclosure have rapidly approaching deadlines. Point Acquisitions works hard to get you the money you’re due in as little time as possible.

Once you accept our cash offer, the next step to getting your money is to sign the purchase contract we’ll happily present you with. Keeping in mind what works best for you, we’ll find an appropriate closing date for each party’s schedule.

In less than 72 hours, the specified title company will have received the earnest money deposit. On the closing date, we’ll meet with the title company, sign the papers, and wrap things up so the title company will be able to quickly transfer your money into your account.

We'd Like to Hear from You!

Point Acquisitions is here to provide you with  more information or answer any questions you may have.  Fill out our contact form for general inquiries or to be added to our mailing list.