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Sell us your Industrial Space in any condition, for a fair price on the date of your choice!

No Realtor Fees

No Repairs Needed

No Closing Costs

No Lengthy Sale Cycle

Finding a buyer for an industrial space can be challenging. Different buyers all have different needs that may require extensive work on your end to close the deal.

We focus only on select components of the property, enabling us to remove the time-and-cost intensive processes involved with inspections, appraisals, and repairs, allowing you to make your sale faster.

Our Simple, Hassle-Free Process


Contact us about your property

Provide some brief information about your property's condition and a few other details.


Our team does a property analysis

We look at similar property sales in the area along with the details you provided that make your property unique.


We send over an honest offer

You review your offer and think about what the flexible closing date might be.


We do an on-site property inspection

This allows our team to confirm the property condition.

Some benefits to using Point Acquisitions:

  • We make immediate offers

  • We pay closing costs and inspection fees

  • We buy all asset types and property classes

  • We buy properties as is, no repairs necessary

  • We do not charge a commission

  • You can get cash within a few weeks

  • We offer a transparent valuation process

  • You choose the date you want to close

Point Acquisitions vs. Traditional Broker

Higher “top line” sales prices you may get with a broker don't always translate to more money in your pocket (or less headache).  Here are some details of everything else that goes into it to compare your options.

Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6%
(We pay all)
Closing Costs: 2%
(We pay all)
Contingencies: 3
(Typically, at the least)
(Basic due diligence)
Appraisal Needed: Yes
(In most cases)
Days Until Sold: 180-360
(Until first offer)
Number of Showings: Unlimited
(Depends on buyer interest)
A few
(As little as 1)
Close Timing: 90-180 days
(After acceptance)
Your choice
(Ready when you are)
Repairs: Unlimited
(Negotiated during inspection)
(We pay all)
Exclusivity: Lock up possibility
(Up to 1 year)
(No obligation)


If you think listing your property “for sale by owner” is how you can sell your vehicle warehouse or warehouse space quickly and easily, we’re sorry to say that’s not the case.

The FSBO option means you don’t use real estate agents or brokers, so you have to take on all responsibilities of selling your warehouse by yourself. This means you have to market your listing, pay for renovations, look for a buyer, negotiate any offer you receive, and spend weeks, months, or even years waiting to close a deal.

The best way to sell your warehouse is to skip the hassle and contact Point Acquisitions. We’re cash buyers who can conduct a fair property assessment on your schedule, purchase your warehouse without a realtor, no matter its needed repairs, and wrap up our transaction in under 1 month.

Point Acquisitions guarantees anyone who wants to sell their property an obligation-free cash offer. When we say you can sell your warehouse to us fast, we mean it. Our transaction is much more streamlined than other options out there because we don’t use slow-moving funding methods that could fall through.

We don’t use conventional bank loans, which means there’s no need to jump through the hoops of multiple property appraisals and inspections. Instead, we use private money sources or funds and hard money lenders who are keeping cash ready for our deals.

Yes! You can sell your warehouse to Point Acquisitions in any condition your warehouse is in right now, even if your property has serious defects or is barely standing. You don’t have to pay out-of-pocket to fix up your property at all in order for us to be interested. Instead, we’ll buy your warehouse “As Is,” and repair the warehouse ourselves, after leaving you to enjoy your money.

No! You pay zero annoying commissions or fees hidden in paperwork during your real estate transaction with Point Acquisitions. We make sure our process is straightforward and transparent so you know exactly what you stand to gain.

We'd Like to Hear from You!

Point Acquisitions is here to provide you with  more information or answer any questions you may have.  Fill out our contact form for general inquiries or to be added to our mailing list.