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Thank You!

Someone from our team is taking a look at the property you've submitted and we will contact you shortly!

What To Expect Next


Our team does a property analysis

We look at similar property sales in the area along with the details you provided that make your house unique.


We send over an honest offer

You review your offer and think about what the flexible closing date might be.


Conveniently sign the forms online

Sell House will send you the agreement of sale contract and if you approve, easily sign online and we are under contract.


We perform an on-site property inspection

This allows our team to confirm the property condition.


That's all.
It's that easy.

During closing the purchase price agreed upon is paid to you and the transaction is complete.

About Our Company

We've been in the home buying industry for a long time. More than 15 years in fact! All our work has made us the authority on getting you through the legal, financial, and logistical issues which could otherwise hold you back, make you wait a long time, or even second guess whether selling your home is the right move.


Whatever your situation, whatever your timeline, we're here for you.