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Acquisitions Associate at Point Acquisitions


Meet Juliana Lemos, Acquisitions Associate contributing her expertise in research, market analysis, and effective communication with property owners. Hailing from a family entrenched in entrepreneurship, Juliana discovered her passion for real estate, business development and sustainability in her native Brazil. Her journey in the hospitality industry led her to Selina hotel in Panama, where she identified a compelling investment opportunity in the region, sparking the inspiration to develop her own real estate project.

Drawing on her entrepreneurial spirit, Juliana started a transformative path by participating in the pre-accelerator program at The University of Tampa. Under the mentorship of inspiring experts, she created her own eco-friendly real estate development project, driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. Armed with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Music from The University of Tampa, Juliana firmly believes in the transformative power of real estate to positively impact society, making her an invaluable asset to Point Acquisitions.

Juliana's unique blend of skills, passion for sustainability, and diverse entrepreneurial experiences make her a dynamic force within the real estate industry. Her journey from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil to the dynamic business environment at Point Acquisitions exemplifies her dedication to fostering positive change through innovative real estate practices.