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Point Acquisitions LLC St. Petersburg/Tampa

We make selling your commercial property a simple and convenient process throughout the Tampa and St. Petersberg region in Florida.

Point Acquisitions LLC St. Petersburg/Tampa redefines the process of selling your commercial property versus the traditional method of using a commercial broker or real estate agent.  Our clients receive competitive offers based on current market values and never have to pay commissions or other fees associated with the cost of selling your property. 

The best part is the transaction is streamlined where you are dealing directly with us, the buyer. There is no middle man, and you can have peace of mind knowing your transaction will close with little drama or fuss. So forget the sales signs and foot traffic - we keep our visits limited!

Contact us today to sell your commercial real estate in Florida!

Office Location - Tampa/St. Petersburg

333 3rd Ave N, Suite 422 B
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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