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Quickly Sell Commercial Real Estate in any condition for market value!

No Broker Fees

As-is Sale (no repairs)

Sell Commercial Real Estate Fast

Little to no closing costs

No Lengthy Sale Cycle

Have you been trying to sell your commercial property for a while now? We understand that it can be difficult to find a buyer for commercial real estate. That's why we're here to make the process easier for you.

We at Point Acquisitions are institutional buyers and can quickly help liquidate your commercial real estate holdings. We buy commercial buildings in any condition, so you don't have to go through a lengthy inspection cycle and sales process.

This makes us the perfect buyer. If you want to get the most out of your commercial property with an easy sale, we can give you a competitive offer fast!

Our Convenient iBuyer Process

Whether you’re selling your retail space, office building, industrial property, land, commercial space, or multifamily property, Point Acquisitions is here to simplify the process.


Share Your Property Details


Market & Comparitive Analysis


We Send a No-Obligation Offer


We Conduct a Quick On-Site Visit


Settle and Close the Transaction

Some benefits to using Point Acquisitions:

  • We make immediate offers

  • We buy all asset types and property classes

  • We buy properties as is, no repairs necessary

  • We do not charge a commission

  • Fast closings with flexible dates

  • We offer a transparent valuation process

Point Acquisitions vs. Traditional Broker

It’s wise to review options to determine how best to reach your goals with a commercial real estate sale. While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local broker, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket (or less headache) and can take a considerable time to close.

Feature Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6% on average NONE
Closing Costs: 2% on average < 1% on average
Contingencies: Most offers include at least three Only basic due diligence
Appraisal Needed: Sale is often subject to appraisal No appraisal necessary
Average Days on Market: 180-360 Days Offer within 2-3 days
Number of Showings: Numerous per interested buyer As few as one
Closing Date: 90-180 days after acceptance 30-90 days
Repairs: Negotiated during inspection period NONE
Exclusivity: Up to a year No obligation

Sell Commercial Real Estate FAQs

If you dream of selling commercial property fast and fairly then there is only one solution. Point Acquisitions is one of the only commercial real estate investment firms that offers fair market values with a fast close. In addition you will receive excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

We get many people asking us how to sell a commercial property fast. Give us a call, and we can head over to your commercial property the same day. After we view your property we can have your offer ready within the next 72 hours. Once you have accepted the offer, we can open title and schedule the closing within a few days.

No, not at all! We make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Give us a call and speak with one of our representatives. We are here to walk you through the process and make sure everything goes as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Absolutely! We can combine all of your real estate properties into one sale. You will then receive the offer in one lump sum.

A real estate broker or a real estate agent will list your commercial property and hope someone will come along to buy it. With us, you don't have to work on that! If you want to sell your commercial property quickly in any condition, we'll buy it.

No, we buy property in any condition. Do not worry about making repairs to your property. We will take care of that after the sale has been completed.

Yes! We want to return some cash to your hands, no matter the circumstance. If your home is in foreclosure or you are behind on your mortgage payments, we will still acquire it.

Point Acquisition is in the business of making an offer on commercial property. We consider many factors before making an offer on a business property: the location of the property, required repairs, the building's age, and condition, as well as market value information from comparable commercial properties in the area. We'll explain how we arrived at your commercial property value when we make you an offer.

No. We will not be charging you any commission rates or other hidden costs. You will receive the complete offer.

We buy commercial property so all you need to do is contact Point Acquisition. You can start the process of getting an offer by simply filling out the form on this page or contacting us directly by phone. 

Once you agree to our terms, we can provide you with a contract, open title, and closing date. You will be receiving funds for your property on the closing date.

Yes. We will either take over the mortgage or pay it off.

Yes, you may still sell the commercial property. We provide several options. We can contact the tax authority or lienholders to settle outstanding debts. We will acquire your property after we resolve the title problem.