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Point Acquisitions FAQs

Depending on the asset type and class, such as land, it can be as little as giving the address of the property. For a multifamily or hotel property, we may need to request a Non-Disclosure Agreement to get the full information regarding the property in order to make an accurate offer.

We purchase commercial property in all asset classes throughout most of the continental United States:

North East including: NY, NJ, PA, CT 
Mid Atlantic - MD, VA, NC, SC
South East - GA, FL, AL, MS, LA
Sun Belt - TX, NM, AZ, CO, NV
Mid West - OH, IN, MO, KS, IA, OK, AR, TN, IL

Point Acquisitions purchases most asset classes including: commercial buildings, multifamily apartments, industrial warehouses, hotels, retail shopping centers, and land.

Nope! Selling your property to Point Acquisitions is entirely free. There’s no service charge, no commission, no closing costs, and no obligation to sell, even after you receive your offer. You can take our quote and walk, but we think you’ll like it and want to wrap up your sale quickly.

We look at a combination of factors including the current real estate market trends, recent comparable sales in the area, current cash flows, potential future cash flows, the local CAP rate comparable properties are selling for, and development opportunities.  We pride ourselves on local expertise, data driven results and the best use of technology in arriving at our valuations.

Point Acquisitions is the best choice for property owners who want convenience, simplicity, privacy and a stress-free process. We are experts in evaluating commercial property through various methods which provide a clear understanding of how we arrive at your property’s value.  Our offers are at fair market values and competitive to the bottom line you would get after paying commissions and fees to a commercial broker.  Point Acquisitions is a proven institutional buyer with a great track record. By choosing Point Acquisitions you will eliminate the sale price uncertainty that comes along with the traditional commercial broker.  Also, forget any exclusivity requirements, unlike a broker who can control your listing for up to a year, we give a no obligation offer within 48-72 hours after receiving our information requests.

None at all! You don’t have to do a single thing. We buy value add properties as-is, no need to worry about expensive repairs - we buy your property in the exact condition it is in right now.

That’s okay, too! Every property owner and every situation is different so we will work with any timeline you’re comfortable with. The one thing you want to keep in mind though is that we are constantly evaluating market variables, which means pricing can change from season to season based on market conditions. Our offers can vary over time, and our initial offer is only valid for a limited period of time.

Absolutely! Call (866) 280-3063 to speak with a Point Acquisitions representative today! We have real people at the ready who would love to talk to you.

Never, Point Acquisitions does not take a commission or charge any fees. In the end, that helps us save you about 6% compared to a traditional commercial broker.

You’re saving thousands of dollars by not paying a traditional commission. Commissions on property sales average 6%. That means if your property price is $10,000,000, you could expect to lose about $600,000 in commissions alone. Selling your property to Point Acquisitions is completely free. No commissions and no service fees.

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