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We Buy Commercial Real Estate.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

Simple. Convenient. Stress-Free.

We Save You the Headache

Point Acquisitions streamlines property sales through our off-market process. This means less aggravation on your part - lower fees, fewer contingencies, quicker turnarounds, and more privacy.


No Broker Fees


No Repairs Needed


No/Low Closing Costs


No Lengthy Sale Cycle

Meet The Point Acquisitions Team

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Acquisitions Manager
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Trust Our Expertise

With more than 25 years of collective experience, our work has made us an industry authority that investors trust. Our focus on technology allows us to streamline the process and complete sales throughout the continental United States.

Client Testimonials: Real Experiences with Point Acquisitions

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This is a great commercial real estate option for sellers. I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and courtesy that abounded while dealing with Point Acquisitions. It is a great team that provides exceptional service, plain and simple. I'd highly recommend them for your next transaction.


Matthew Tenteromano

Point acquisitions testimonial image 3

I’ve been working with Point Acquisitions for over four years now. They are extremely diligent and trustworthy and have provided a lot of value to my company. I look forward to many years of doing business together.

Michael Tester
commercial real estate closing costs

Nice, easy, streamlined process. Recommended for commercial real estate.


Irfan Raza

Point acquisitions testimonial image 4

Great company to deal with and professional guys running it. Looking forward to a continuing relationship with them.

Paras Jain
point acquisitions Google review

We worked together on a real estate project in Jersey City. Jesse and the team are responsive and transparent... We look forward to working with them again soon!

Ryan Goldfarb

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