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Our Team

Mr. Shemesh is President at Point Acquisitions where his primary role is overseeing all acquisitions and business development. Jesse has done it all in real estate with over ten years of experience in acquisitions, large scale residential development, zoning projects, financial valuation of various real estate asset classes and is an authority in thought leadership being a speaker at various real estate conferences nationwide.
Vice President
Chris is Vice President at Point Acquisitions where he specializes in overseeing the day to day management of the business. He is experienced running financial models and has been an active real estate investor for over five years. Chris is very detail oriented, attentive, and responsive. He has various corporate experience and received his BS in Business from the University of Delaware.
Managing Director of Acquisitions
As Managing Director of Acquisitions, Tim is responsible for sourcing new real estate investment opportunities and will spear head our expansion into new markets. Tim has over ten years of real estate experience primarily focusing on the acquisition of land for ground-up development throughout the US (United States), as well as investing in multifamily assets in the five boroughs of New York City.
Acquisitions Manager
Sean is the Acquisitions Manager at Point Acquisitions where his primary role is deal sourcing for our East Coast markets. He sources all inbound leads and works with sellers in all aspects of the transactions. His experience is in retail management for a Fortune 500 company and goes above and beyond to make every client's experience a memorable one.
Acquisitions Manager
Keni is our Acquisitions Manager based in the great state of Texas. His specialty is researching prospective leads to expand our footprint into this region and in the South. Keni is able to perform due diligence from beginning to end, making for a seamless, 360-degree point of contact for a transaction. His experience is in hotel and asset management as an owner operator and has served in various leadership capacities within the industry.
Acquisitions Associate
Juliana is an Acquisitions Associate doing market analysis and communicating with property owners. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Juliana found her passion for sustainability and business development back in Brazil. She was part of the pre-accelerator program at The University of Tampa, creating her own eco-friendly real estate development, with the guidance of inspiring experts.

Our Backend Team

Our technology team works on our proprietary platform which streamlines our acquisition and valuation process. 


Jamey DiLorenzo

Pete DiLorenzo

Paul Impellizeri

Josh Silverbauer


Tim Brauning


Crystal DeBoer

An image featuring two professionals in conversation in front of a modern building. The man, sporting a beard and a suit, holds a tablet and gestures while talking to the woman, who is attentively listening and dressed in a professional suit. The title "SELLING YOUR 1031 EXCHANGE PROPERTY" is prominent at the top with "A Strategic Guide for Investors" below. The Point Acquisitions logo is visible, indicating a focus on the strategic considerations of what happens when you sell a 1031 exchange property.

What Happens When You Sell a 1031 Exchange Property

February 4, 2024

Selling a 1031 exchange property isn’t just a sale; it’s a strategic move in real estate investment. Nearly a third of real estate transactions involve 1031 exchanges, highlighting their significance in the industry. This article will explore what happens when…

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An image featuring the title "1031 EXCHANGE FORM" in bold white letters on a blue background at the top. Below the title, a subtitle reads "Mastering Tax-Deferred Investments in Real Estate." The logo for Point Acquisitions is displayed in the lower-left corner. The photo shows a desk with miniature wooden houses arranged in a line, a magnifying glass held by a person examining the details, and a pen resting on a notebook, implying a careful review of the 1031 exchange form for property investments.

1031 Exchange Form: Your Guide to Tax-Deferred Real Estate Investments

February 4, 2024

With over 36% of Americans invested in real estate outside of their primary residence, understanding the nuances of a 1031 exchange is more than just a niche interest—it’s a financial imperative for a growing number of investors. Imagine deferring thousands,…

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1031 exchange timeline

1031 Exchange Timeline: A Full Guide for Investors

January 31, 2024

Attention commercial real estate investors, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, 12% of commercial real estate transactions in 2022 used a 1031 exchange. This powerful strategy could be your key to unlocking significant tax deferrals when selling your properties.…

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