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1031 Exchange Investments

In search of a 1031 Replacement Property?

Point Acquisitions is the perfect 1031 exchange investment destination for you. We can help find replacement properties that match your investment goals while adhering to the 1031 exchange rules and regulations.

When you're seeking guidance for a 1031 exchange or any other commercial and industrial real estate investing inquiries, contact Point Acquisitions. Our professionals have the best options and advice in this sector.

1031 Replacement Properties

A 1031 Replacement Property is one you purchase to take the place of another property after selling it in a qualified 1031 exchange. This can be an excellent way to reinvest what you made from selling your investment property without being taxed on any capital gains.

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Real Estate TIC Properties

TIC properties give 1031 and cash buyers access to institutional quality NNN properties that otherwise are only available to larger real estate investors.

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Successful Returns

Point Acquisitions only invests in deals we are confident will have great returns. We never settle for any deal- only the ones that meet our specific investment criteria. By filtering properties against these standards, we can avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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Like-Kind Properties

When it comes time for the 1031 exchange, you want to make sure you are working with a company that will give you the best possible options for replacement properties. We focus on properties in high-growth markets that have a history of appreciation. This helps to ensure that our investors see optimal returns on their investments.

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Investing in a variety of properties is essential to mitigating risk and achieving success over the long term as a real estate investor. When you work with Point Acquisitions, we will help you find properties that fit your investment goals while diversifying your portfolio.

Why work with Point Acquisitions on 1031 Investments

As a member, you'll have unparalleled access to the best replacement properties on the market. Our 1031 application platform is easy to use, and our team of experts is always available to help.

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Organic Dealflow

We utilize our proprietary deal sourcing to offer investors multiple replacement property options. You will be able to identify a replacement property with ease within the 1031 deadlines.

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1031 Expertise

At Point Acquisitions, we have considerable experience and success in all aspects of commercial real estate, as well as with 1031 Exchanges.

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We Know Deadlines Matter

At all times, we have a deep and rapidly moving pipeline of deals to offer investors multiple replacement property options. You will be able to identify a replacement property without difficulty within the 1031 deadlines that are essential.

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We Have Flexibility

We understand that each investor's needs are unique, so we offer a wide variety of replacement properties to fit any 1031 exchange goal, timeframe, or investment method.

Common Questions about 1031 Exchanges

To qualify for a 1031 exchange, a property must be held for investment or used in a trade or business. This means that primary residences and second homes do not qualify for 1031 exchanges.

The 45-day rule states that you have 45 days from the date of the sale of your property to identify the property you want to purchase in the exchange. This is done by submitting a written statement to your qualified intermediary.

The 180-day rule dictates that you must complete the purchase of your new property within 180 days of selling your old property or by the due date of your tax return (whichever is earlier).

A qualified intermediary is a neutral third party who facilitates the exchange of property between the buyer and seller. The qualified intermediary holds the proceeds from selling the old property until they are used to purchase the new property.

You can find a replacement property by working with Point Acquisitions. Contact us directly.

Yes, you can still complete a 1031 exchange if you owe money on your current property. However, you must pay off the mortgage before completing the exchange.

No, you don't have to use all your sale proceeds to purchase the replacement property. However, if you don't reinvest the entire amount, you will have to pay taxes on the sale portion you don't reinvest.

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1031 Exchange Investments

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