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Acquisitions Manager at Point Acquisitions


Keni Patel's career is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in the hospitality and finance sectors. Born in India and raised in the U.S., Keni started his career in his family's hotel, learning the business from an early age. A Penn State graduate in Economics/Finance, he quickly realized his passion for entrepreneurship over desk jobs, leading him to significant roles in the hospitality industry, including as General Manager and Director of Purchasing at Visions-Hotels, and later as the Food & Beverage Director at The Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, NY. There, he played a pivotal role in streamlining operations and managing high-profile events and contracts.

After years of success in hotel management, Keni, alongside his wife, ventured into hotel ownership in Carthage, NY, demonstrating his adeptness in managing and operating a business from the ground up. Transitioning from hotel operations to focus on family life and stability, Keni moved to Texas and joined Point Acquisitions, where he has significantly contributed to the company's growth by closing its largest deal to date. Keni is married with two children, Arya and Ayan, the latter of whom has Autism. His commitment to his family inspired a move towards a more stable lifestyle and a focus on industrial assets and acquisitions.

Keni's professional journey is characterized by a philosophy of persistent optimism and goal-setting, a trait that has propelled him through various challenges and successes throughout his career.

With a rich background in hotel management and acquisitions, Keni has been instrumental in over 15 hotel constructions and developments, showcasing his ability to lead and innovate in the hospitality industry. His work at Point Acquisitions highlights his strategic approach to growth and his capacity to drive the company forward.