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Acquisitions Manager at Point Acquisitions



Meet Keni, the Acquisitions Manager based in Texas, specializing in researching prospective leads to expand Point Acquisitions' footprint in the South. With a wealth of experience in hotel and asset management as an owner-operator, Keni has served in various leadership capacities within the industry.

At Point Acquisitions, Keni is responsible for performing due diligence from beginning to end, making for a seamless, 360-degree point of contact for each transaction. His expertise in research and analysis ensures that every opportunity is explored and evaluated thoroughly, providing clients with the best possible outcomes.

Keni's passion for real estate and his dedication to his clients shine through in every aspect of his work. He is committed to providing exceptional service and delivering results that exceed expectations.

If you're looking for a real estate professional with a deep understanding of the industry, look no further than Keni and the team at Point Acquisitions. With his expertise in hotel and asset management, research, and analysis, he is the ideal partner for your next real estate transaction.