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What is a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer, and Why Do You Need One?

August 29, 2022
commercial property lawyer

When buying or selling commercial property, it is important to have an experienced commercial real estate lawyer on your side. Commercial real estate lawyers know the ins and outs of the commercial real estate market and can help you get the best deal possible. They can also help you with all the paperwork involved in…

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Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence: What You Need To Know

July 22, 2022
what is due diligence money in real estate

What is commercial real estate due diligence? What is real estate diligence, and when should it be done? This is one of the most asked questions about commercial property investment. The term “due diligence” refers to researching a commercial property before purchasing it.  This blog post will discuss what due diligence entails and why it…

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15 Must-ask Commercial Real Estate Questions for Your Broker

July 14, 2022
questions to ask real estate brokerage

When searching for commercial real estate, you must find a trustworthy broker. Working with a broker to position your property in the correct way in the market it’s critical. But what inquiries should you ask your broker to ensure you’re receiving the finest service possible? Asking your real estate broker the right questions can mean…

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