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Sell Your Commercial Property in Orlando, FL

Need to sell your commercial real estate in Orlando, FL? We buy it fast, no matter the condition.

Sell Your Commercial Property in Orlando, FL Fast!

We'll have you an offer in as little as 72 hours!

Point Acquisitions is the perfect buyer for all of your commercial real estate needs. We buy any building, no matter how old or damaged it might be.

No Hidden Fees

  • No Broker Fees
  • As-is Sale (no repairs)
  • Little to no closing costs
  • No Lengthy Sale Cycle
sell commercial real estate Orlando, FL

Get Started Selling Your Commercial Real Estate in
Orlando, FL

Contact us today for a no-obligation cash offer for your commercial real estate in Orlando, FL!

Why Sell Your Commercial Real Estate in Orlando, FL to Point Acquisitions

Feature Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6% on average NONE
Closing Costs: 2% on average < 1% on average
Contingencies: Most offers include at least three Only basic due diligence
Appraisal Needed: Sale is often subject to appraisal No appraisal necessary
Average Days on Market: 180-360 Days Offer within 2-3 days
Number of Showings: Numerous per interested buyer As few as one
Closing Date: 90-180 days after acceptance 30-90 days
Repairs: Negotiated during inspection period NONE
Exclusivity: Up to a year No obligation

Sell Commercial Real Estate FAQs

For those in Orlando looking to sell their commercial property swiftly and at a fair price, Point Acquisitions stands out. We offer competitive market rates, fast transaction times, and exceptional customer support from start to finish.

If speed is your priority, contact us and we can visit your Orlando property on the same day. You can expect an offer within 72 hours, and following your acceptance, we’ll rapidly arrange the closing

Not at all. Our process is streamlined for efficiency and ease. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and swift transaction.

Absolutely. If you have several properties, we can consolidate them into one transaction, offering you a single comprehensive payment.

Unlike a traditional broker who lists your property and waits for a buyer, we act immediately to purchase your property, which is ideal for those needing a prompt sale, regardless of the property’s condition.

No renovations or repairs are necessary. We buy properties in any condition and take care of all repairs post-sale.

Yes, we can help convert your property into cash, even under challenging financial circumstances like foreclosure.

Our valuation takes into account the property’s location in Orlando, necessary repairs, age, condition, and comparable market data to make a fair offer, which we’ll fully explain to you.

No hidden fees or commissions are involved. You receive the full amount of our offer.

Just reach out to us. You can either complete the form on this page or contact Point Acquisition directly by phone

Following your agreement, we’ll set up a contract, arrange the title and closing date, and ensure you receive your payment on the closing date.

Yes, we can either take over the mortgage responsibilities or pay off the mortgage in full.

Yes. We handle negotiations with tax authorities or lienholders to settle any outstanding debts, making your property sale viable once title issues are sorted out.