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Sell us your Hotel Property in any condition for market value!

No Broker Fees

As-is Sale (no repairs)

Little to No Closing Costs

No Lengthy Sale Cycle

Point Acquisitions is ready to make selling your hotel property easy.  We underwrite the property quickly and can wrap up real estate transactions extremely fast.  Our company is backed by some of the largest real estate investors in the country so rest assured we can close and fund deals quickly without the middleman.

Here's How it Works


Contact us about your hotel property

Provide some brief information about your hotel property's condition and a few other details.


Our team does a property analysis

We look at similar hotel property sales in the area along with the details you provided that make your property unique.


We send over an honest offer

You review your offer and think about what the flexible closing date might be.


We do an on-site property inspection

This allows our team to confirm the hotel property's condition.

Some benefits to using Point Acquisitions:

  • We make immediate offers

  • We buy all asset types and property classes

  • We buy properties as is, no repairs necessary

  • We do not charge a commission

  • Fast closings with flexible dates

  • We offer a transparent valuation process

Point Acquisitions vs. Traditional Broker

It’s smart to review options to determine how best to reach your goals with a commercial real estate sale. While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local broker, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket (or less headache), and can take a considerable period of time to close. Here are some details to compare your options.

Feature Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6% on average NONE
Closing Costs: 2% on average < 1% on average
Contingencies: Most offers include at least three Only basic due diligence
Appraisal Needed: Sale is often subject to appraisal No appraisal necessary
Average Days on Market: 180-360 Days Offer within 2-3 days
Number of Showings: Numerous per interested buyer As few as one
Closing Date: 90-180 days after acceptance 30-90 days
Repairs: Negotiated during inspection period NONE
Exclusivity: Up to a year No obligation


We give property owners an obligation-free offer on your hotel property within 72 hours after the property walk through is conducted.

Yes! We buy hotel property complexes nationwide in any condition. Because we buy properties “As Is,” you can sell your hotel property fast without having to spend any time or money on fixing defects that would frighten off other buyers.

We are buyers of income-producing properties who can make an offer on vacant hotel property that just needs a little TLC. No matter your property’s condition, our process is straightforward. We set up a time to assess your hotel property's value, consider the cost of repairs, then make you an offer in only days.

With Point Acquisitions, you can sell your hotel property typically in 60-90 days but as little as 30. Point Acquisitions works hard to close the property in as little time as possible.

Once you accept our offer, the next step to getting to closing is to sign the purchase contract we will prepare. Keeping in mind what works best for you, we’ll find an appropriate closing date for each party’s schedule.

In less than 72 hours, the specified title company will have received the earnest money deposit. On the closing date, we’ll meet with the title company, sign the papers, and fund, either in person or remotely.

Our approach is tailored to the unique aspects of the hospitality industry and hotel properties. Here are the steps we take:

Property Inspection: The first phase involves a comprehensive assessment of your hotel, including its physical condition, available amenities, and guest capacity.

Market Analysis: We use specialized tools to gather data on the hotel market, considering variables like location, local demand, and the competitive landscape.

Service Quality Review: We evaluate the quality and range of services offered at your hotel, including guest satisfaction metrics, to add depth to our valuation.

Legal Compliance: Our legal team reviews any regulatory or zoning requirements that may affect your property's value, ensuring everything is in order before proceeding.

Offer Generation: Based on the data gathered, we create a competitive offer that takes into account both the market conditions and the unique attributes of your hotel.

Closing Steps: After the offer is accepted, we coordinate with all parties to finalize the transaction, meeting all necessary legal and financial commitments.

By adhering to this process, we aim to secure the best possible offer for your hotel property.

We Buy Hotel Properties Nationwide

Point Acquisitions specializes in the hotel property sector, providing a smooth and beneficial selling experience for property owners throughout the United States. Our national reach and localized market intelligence ensure that you receive a competitive offer for your hotel property, backed by in-depth research. The transaction process we offer is clear and transparent, covering legalities and financial details. Each deal is customized to meet the specific needs of your hotel property, facilitating a smooth and mutually advantageous transaction. With Point Acquisitions, hotel property owners across the U.S. can confidently proceed with a sale that optimizes asset value.

Get Started

Fill out the form with any questions or to get started on our simple process below:

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