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Sell Your Commercial Property in Buffalo, NY

Need to sell your commercial real estate in Buffalo, NY? We buy it fast, no matter the condition.

Sell Your Commercial Property in Buffalo, NY Fast!

We'll have you an offer in as little as 72 hours!

Point Acquisitions is the perfect buyer for all of your commercial real estate needs. We buy any building, no matter how old or damaged it might be.

No Hidden Fees

  • No Broker Fees
  • As-is Sale (no repairs)
  • Little to no closing costs
  • No Lengthy Sale Cycle
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Get Started Selling Your Commercial Real Estate in
Buffalo, NY

Contact us today for a no-obligation offer for your commercial real estate in Buffalo, NY!

Why Sell Your Commercial Real Estate in Buffalo, NY to Point Acquisitions

Feature Local Broker Point Acquisitions
Commissions / Fees: 4-6% on average NONE
Closing Costs: 2% on average < 1% on average
Contingencies: Most offers include at least three Only basic due diligence
Appraisal Needed: Sale is often subject to appraisal No appraisal necessary
Average Days on Market: 180-360 Days Offer within 2-3 days
Number of Showings: Numerous per interested buyer As few as one
Closing Date: 90-180 days after acceptance 30-90 days
Repairs: Negotiated during inspection period NONE
Exclusivity: Up to a year No obligation

Sell Commercial Real Estate FAQs

If you're in Buffalo and looking to sell your commercial property quickly and at a fair price, Point Acquisitions is your go-to. We're recognized for offering market-appropriate values and facilitating fast closings. Plus, we provide outstanding customer service from beginning to end.

Many sellers in Buffalo are interested in fast transactions. Contact us, and we can visit your property the same day. Within 72 hours, you can expect an offer. Once accepted, we'll rapidly move to schedule the closing.

Selling with us is straightforward and efficient. Our team is available to guide you, ensuring a seamless and swift process.

Yes. If you own several properties in Buffalo, we can bundle them into one transaction, offering you a single comprehensive payment.

Unlike brokers who list and wait for buyers, we buy directly, which is especially beneficial if you're looking to sell quickly. We purchase properties in any condition.

There's no need for repairs or renovations. We buy properties in their current state and handle any necessary fixes after the sale.

Absolutely. We can turn your Buffalo property into cash, regardless of financial difficulties like foreclosure.

We consider factors like location, repairs needed, age, and condition of the building, alongside market comparisons in Buffalo. We'll explain our valuation when we present the offer.

There are no hidden fees or commissions. The offer you receive is the full amount you'll get.

Simply fill out the form on this page or call Point Acquisition directly to begin.

After accepting our offer, we'll handle the contract, set up the title, and schedule the closing date. You'll receive your payment on the closing date.

Yes. We can take over your mortgage or pay it off entirely.

Yes, you can. We'll engage with tax authorities or lienholders to resolve any debts, clearing the way for the sale once title issues are sorted.