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Ground Lease Real Estate Agreement Explained

March 10, 2022
a clipboard with document and a key on it with a caption of ground lease real estate agreement

What is a ground lease in commercial real estate? A ground lease is a real estate term that is often misunderstood. In its simplest form, a ground lease is an agreement between the landlord and tenant in which the tenant leases the land from the landlord for a specific lease period, a ground lease is usually between 50 and 99 years, or more. The lease agreement will spell out the tenant’s rights and obligations, as well as the landlord’s. A ground lease in commercial real estate is a specialized lease agreement where a tenant rents the land from a landlord…

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Build to Suit: What It Is and Why You Might Need It

February 24, 2022
a manager and operator in hardhats looking at a blueprint of a commercial real estate building

If you’re a business owner, you know that finding a suitable space for your company is essential. What if you don’t find anything that meets your needs? That’s where build-to-suit commercial property comes in. This type of construction allows businesses to build their own commercial space explicitly tailored to their commercial real estate needs. Read on to learn more about the build-to-suit meaning and why you might need it! What is a Build to Suit lease? Build-to-suit (BTS) is a real estate term for a property constructed to a tenant’s specifications. The developer constructs the building to meet specific design,…

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How To Detect Red Flags in Real Estate Investments

February 16, 2022
a boat with red flags on the beach

Real estate investing can be a fantastic way to make money, as well as a catastrophic way to lose it if you don’t know the red flags in real estate. The last thing any buyer or renter wants is their dream home to become a fixer-upper, but sometimes problems with a given location do not reveal themselves right away. A potential investor’s decisions go far beyond the property itself: other concerns include the property’s history, how it is being marketed and maintained, and the surroundings of the property.  If you are considering investing in a property with an aim for…

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Single-Family Vs. Multi-Family Investing: Which Is Better?

February 8, 2022
a couple of houses with a blue sign that says single family vs multi family

The real estate investment landscape consists of seemingly limitless options regarding which properties to focus on and how much to invest in them. One of the fundamental choices presented to a would-be investor is whether it is more feasible to invest in residences created for use by a single-family (“single-family” properties), or residences designed with the capacity to house multiple families, separately, in a single structure (a “multi-family” property.). While both options have their attractive points – investing in single-family homes, for instance, is a more manageable choice for a beginning investor, while multi-family properties may be better suited for…

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What is Leverage & Using Leverage For Real Estate Investments

February 3, 2022
a commercial real estate investor with a pen in their hand writing on a document

What does leverage mean in real estate? Leverage in real estate is taking on debt to increase potential returns. Leverage in real estate can be advantageous when done correctly, but it can also cause great harm if not used properly.  Leverage real estate to build wealth works best when you can acquire a loan at a low-interest rate and then reinvest that money into an asset that will generate greater returns than your borrowing costs. What is Leverage in Real Estate Investing? How does leverage work in real estate? Leverage in real estate is a bit different than with other…

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10 Things You Should Know About Commercial Real Estate Investing in 2023

January 6, 2022
a commercial real estate investor using a laptop with a pen pointing to a graph in laptop

Investing in commercial real estate can be a great option for a real estate investor looking to tap into a growing, long-term, and potentially lucrative industry. Real estate investments offer the opportunity to gain access to a great new pool of clients, grow your wealth, and expand your portfolio. But success in commercial and industrial real estate investing takes a different type of preparation than residential real estate.  Let’s talk about ten things you must know before investing. There are several other things you must consider and be prepared to deal with when you start investing in real estate to…

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The State of Commercial Real Estate in Dallas, Texas

November 23, 2021
a cityscape with a sky background and a caption of commercial real estate dallas, texas

dallas commercial real estate

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What is a 1031 Exchange and How Can It Benefit Commercial Real Estate Investors

October 27, 2021
Two commercial real estate investor standing in front of a window with a city view

What is a 1031 exchange? It means swapping out one investment property for another in such a way that lets you defer capital gains commercial property taxes. How can a 1031 exchange benefit commercial real estate investors? If you are swapping like-kind properties, then deferring capital gains taxes can mean it’s cheaper and easier to get out of one property while getting into another. Residential real estate investors looking to get into commercial or industrial real estate might be able to arrange such a transaction to facilitate their movement into a new kind of real estate. Likewise, commercial real estate…

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What is a Sale Leaseback – And Why Is It Right For Your Business?

September 14, 2021
a commercial real estate agent writing on a document with a brown pen

There are several ways in which a business can obtain funds. A business loan is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But if your business has real estate holdings, there’s a potentially better way to raise business funds. If your business generates a higher rate of return than your investment in real estate, then you can benefit from a sale leaseback arrangement. What is a Sale Leaseback Arrangement? When dealing with real estate, you might hear a sale leaseback referred to as a leaseback. Rest assured that both terms mean the same thing when discussing commercial real estate.…

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How iBuyers And Technology Are Changing The Real Estate Market

March 23, 2021
a commercial real estate agent holding a city hologram

The real estate market is affected by multiple factors: the money supply, employment, demographics, and the Federal Reserve System to name a few. These determinants have long histories with the buying and selling of property. However, in recent years, technology inserted itself among market variables in the form of iBuyer online platforms. How do these companies change the equation? Do their streamlined procedures make successful closings more likely or less so? And finally, can these companies entirely replace the traditional broker/agent? Such questions warrant a closer look at these internet-based enterprises. How Do iBuyers Work?  These programs, such as our…

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